Catfight video
Carla Cox and Andy Brown in a catfight video against Nikky Thorne

This week a catfight video between three girls at nudefightclub. Carla Cox and Andy Brown in a catfight against Nikky Thorne. A triple fight means that each girl has got to battle two for dominance! Watch as they give each other their most intimidating glares as they say, “come on bitch! you think you can take me?” The fight unfolds as three girls grab hair, arms, legs, whatever they can for a chance to get the other two to do what they want…who will win this one? Click here for the whole female fighting video See the girl nude fighting and playing with each other licking pussy here They begin to circle each other with more intent of contact. Carla raises her hands in front of her body, and an experienced catfighter like Nikky Thorne knows what that means…a challenge to the classic test of arm strength. Neither woman is giving anything unless she has to as proven by the grunts, grimaces, and their trembling arms.

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The superstacked, tit contest, catfight video winning blonde wraps her arms around Carla’s waist in a bearhug. Carla initially feels the pressure and responds with her own bearhug around her foe’s stomach area. Squeezing continues with each woman trying to crush their opponent’s sexy midsection while at the same time trying to resist the pain and punishment on her own stomach. But just like the arms contest, this one doesn’t seem to be generating a winner because both their arms and midsections are pretty equal. Carla suddenly releases her own bearhug and moves her hands up to Nikky’s tresses and starts yanking with all her might. Now, it is Nikky who is feeling the pain and hairpulling can be as painful as just about anything… See the whole female fight video here